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There is a really long explanation to his name. Someday I will take the time to write it.

For now, a quick recap. I mean quick.

He is awesome.

He had silent acid reflux (just like Braden) pretty much from birth. Mediation does wonders.

His umbilical cord stub started bleeding a lot a when he was a few days old. It was scary. But it all ended up being fine. And he has a perfectly normal belly button now. 🙂

We moved when he was 3 months old.

He started rolling over…. I already don’t remember when. 🙂

He rolls both ways and has sat up since the 6 month mark.

He has two teeth. They came in just a couple days of each other. Right around 6 months as well.

He slept GREAT the first few months. He slept in his carseat in his bassinet to help with the refux. We both would get 6 to 7 hours a night!

That changed about a week  before we moved. He could sense the change. And we basically didn’t sleep at all the next two months. Literally.

But now we are doing very well again! Healthy sleep Happy child is a GREAT book.

He just started solids about a month ago. He loves Carrots! Just like his oldest brother. 🙂 Along with all the standard sweet potatoes, butternut squash, peaches, apples, pears. He likes it all.

Anytime he was cranky especially in the beginning, if I took him outside he was MUCH happier! He LOVES our walks in the beautiful trails by our new house. He has always had a hard time staying awake for them though. The stroller and fresh air puts him straight to sleep.

At 2 months we drove to the farm in Missouri. He cried the whole way there and the whole way back. It was horrible. Bad. No good. Broke my heart. He was a happy camper while we were there though.

At 6 1/2 months he took his first plane ride to ABQ. He was an ANGEL! He could have not done better. Was awake for take off and landing but pretty much slept the whole time in my ERGO baby carrier.

The Ergo carrier has been a God send and I am very thankful for Heather Haas for letting me borrow hers! I used the Moby for the first couple months. He like it but it was such a pain to put on.

He has seen a lot of soccer already in his short little life. Both boys played this summer and we took him along to every game! He has soccer in his genes… and his name… 🙂

Speaking of his brothers. They LOVE him SO much!! They hug him and kiss him and talk baby talk all day long. THey have been such good helpers. And I have never seen them irritated in anyway toward their brother. I am sure that will change with time but it was amazing to watch the love they had for him from the get go. True brotherly love. He has two amazing brothers to look up to.

The thing I would say the most to sum up Leo as I have gotten to know him this side of the womb, is that he is the most happiest, joyful child!  He gives smiles to everyone. And brings smiles to everyone. Especially us.

Having a baby again and not just any baby, but HIM has been such a blessing for our family. I am so excited to see how the Lord uses his precious life and that contagious smile of his.

So there you go. I am queen of quick recaps in blogging. I am not promising anymore entries in the few months at all! Hence my track record. But I do hope to get some more memories down. For me. I am writing so that I can look back and recall this time. It goes by too quickly.Image

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He is here! (7 months ago today!)

Leo Brendan Clyde Crutchmer was born May 4th 2012. 8 lb. 3 oz. 21.5 in. long.  At 6:17 pm. Our biggest baby yet!

He is such a gift.  He has brought more Joy than my heart thought possible. We are blessed beyond measure.


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And it’s a BOY.

so I have known this for about 4 months now…. 🙂 Quick recap. I was shocked. I thought surely after all this time, GOd would give me a girl. But then he didn’t . I was originally sad. Then I got a migraine that lasted all weekend. SO I just laid in my bed thinking why? Don’t get me wrong I LOVE my boys so much it hurts! I wouldn’t trade them for the world!! But why another? I could think of all these reasons why a girl would make sense. But as I already know, What makes sense to me and what makes sense to God don’t’ always line up! So as I was racking my brain trying to figure out why he didn’t give me a girl, I so quietly and gently felt him telling me (if i didn’t say that right theologically forgive me) that 3 boys is just what I need. As you know I have a hard time focusing on things, and I could sadly see me getting so caught up in having a girl with all the pink and bows and forgetting that I have two half-grown boys that still need me very much. Would I have neglected that? It hurts my heart to think I could have done that! They are getting older and we are getting into way different territory with them now. And they need me! They need me to help them grow into the young men they are becoming! So as I was laying in my bed with my head pounding, I found myself with a new direction. I have 3 BOYS. I need to focus on that. Learn all I can about having them. And be the best mom I can to BOYS. So with that after my head stopped yelling, I broke out a book on the shelf that i had never completely read that was ll about boys. And it was so helpful! So helpful in my parenting today. And for preparing for parenting in the years to come. I may have a big generation gap between them but I an focus on one gender. And try to help them the best I can. It is all making more sense now. I see how his choice is always better then mine (even when he doesn’t let me see it right away like he pretty much did this time). How He loves me and truly knows what is best for our family. Thank you Jesus! Thank you for not listening to my wants! Or what I think i wanted. Now a month away from Lord willing giving birth, I am sooo excited to have another boy. I can’t imagine it any other way!!



So Eli has said some cute things lately I don’t want to forget:

1. While putting together his new Castle legos, he says “Mom, it is weird there isn’t a girl to save at the top of the castle!” Me: “What?! No girl to save??” Eli: ” Yea, whats the point of fighting then?!” That is right my little knight in shining armor…. 🙂

As we were watching our wedding video, it was showing matt and I dance our first dance together. It was to the song “just the way you are” by Shania Twain. Eli very non-jokingly asks “Is Shania Twain married to Mark Twain?” Ahh I love it. I couldn’t stop laughing.

He also has been so complementary lately. He’ll say “Mom you look so pretty!” or “You have a such a beautiful smile mom”.

He keeps all this sincere sweetest up and he will make some girl fall madly in love… Right now I am glad it is directed towards me. No need for him to grow up too fast. 😉

THere just wanted to get that down, so I won’t forget them. One day I will sit down and write more about life….

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Pregnancy quirks

Well I am half way thru my pregnancy now. Tomorrow we find out we keep the Crutchmer tradition of all boys or if a girl will sneak in to the mix! I really am glad I don’t get to pick. I would love to have a girl in one way and yet boys are awesome! I can’t go wrong. Thankfully God is in charge of picking that for us! Phew…

Ok before I forget the random things….

*Especially during the first trimester, I could not drink water with my meals. I would be nauseous if I did. If I drank something else, like kool-aide 🙂 or coke it was much better….

*I apparently laugh a lot more! I get these laughing attacks at night right before bed. I can’t stop! Over nothing at all. And then I start laughing at myself for laughing. Matt has gotten quite the kick out of it.

* The old-fashioned candy “DOTS” taste fabulous to me! So random. I much prefer chocolate over candy but I have picked candy over chocolate quite a bit during the pregnancy.

*Chips taste fantastic too! Not that I didn’t like them before, but they certainly haven’t been a weakness of mine. SunChips in Harvest Cheddar have been a hit!

*Little “Blueberry” loves to eat in the middle of the night. I have had to get up SEVERAL nights to eat if I want to have a chance of getting back to sleep. However I have noticed if I basically eat a big meal before bed, I can get thru the night. I am sure the heart burn will kick in here soon. 🙂

*Although I have talked about food a lot it really has been a struggle for me to eat as much as I need too. The Joy of food certainly wasn’t there during the first trimester. And now still sometimes I have to force myself to do it. All the yummy Holiday food tho is helping. 🙂

* I drop things. ALL the time. It is like my brain is not getting the message to my hand that I actually have to squeeze things that I pick up.

*Migraines rocked my world for the first trimester but b/t now being in my second and going to a chiropractor, life has been much happier…. SO thankful. 

Overall, I have can’t complain at all. I am so thankful for this pregnancy and that God is entrusting another human life to me. I know I will need to depend on Him fully to do a good job. And that is exactly where he wants me. 

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So once a week I get updates on the baby’s size. It started as a lentil bean, then something else I can’t remember, then a blueberry! I thought that sounded so cute! The name has stuck! Our baby is now always referenced as “blueberry”! It has since been a grape, cumquat, plum, a couple others and a peach! But he/she is our little blueberry. I plan to find a cute little blueberry-like  outfit to take him/her home in. 🙂

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Big brothers

When we told the boys that we were expecting they both just looked at matt with blank stares for about 10 seconds…. Then they looked at me and I smiled a nervous smile, and immediately they jumped up threw their arms around me and were SO EXCITED. It did my heart good that day. They have been such sweethearts! Great big brothers already. So sweet with me when I am tired or sick. They pray for him/her and talk to him/her already. SO CUTE!!

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A brand new day…

SO that is the title of the new “theme” I picked for the look of the website. I picked it purely for the title. It seemed fitting. So much has happened since I last talked about Cheese curds… 🙂

Quick Recap: After years of planning for it the Lord redirected our paths and we are now staying in MN rather then Finland. How do I feel about this? At total peace. It has been a VERY difficult year in many many ways…. but without going into it, it has been a sweet year as well. God is taking care of us thru the good and the bad. He has taken a lot away, and yet given us  a surprise gift of adding a new Crutchmer to the mix! Lord willing coming next May there will be five Crutchmers under the same roof! We are excited and still a bit in shock over all the changes that have taken place. But like I have always said, I am just hanging on for the ride watching the Lord prepare us one day at a time. For what? Well I guess it would just be life and all that it will still bring. Here is to a “brand new day” and hopefully many more to come.

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Cheese Curds

So the other day we had some friends over for dinner. I had gotten a mix for the breading of “cheese curds” for Christmas and finally decided to buy some curds and give it a whirl and fry them up! I was standing in my kitchen with my friend talking and watching the oil get hot, when I had this little “moment”. I realized about five years ago I didn’t even know what cheese curds were!! I am from New Mexico remember!? I had them for the first time on our first trip to the “Minnesota State Fair”.  Along with Walleye  and Salmon on a stick too.  🙂

But it was just a funny feeling, here I am living in Minnesota frying up cheese curds for dinner. It is funny where life takes you sometimes. And another five years from now I wonder what things I will be making in my kitchen in Finland that I don’t even know that exists now. As I feel like I have been saying a lot lately, “Here is to the great unknown!”.

And for all you Non-Minnesotan or Wisconsinites who may not know what cheese curds are either check out the link. 🙂

p.s. FYI if you get the oil too hot the cheese melts out and all you have is the fried breading.  First batch good, second batch bad. 😦


YMCA (sing it everybody…)

THe boys and I went to the Y the other day to run around in the gym and get the wiggles out. They brought their soccer ball and starting kicking around. Two boys who were a little older were there too and asked if they could play. So they formed a little “pick up” game. They formed  Teams, rules for the amount of space they had, etc. And I sat on the sidelines watching my boys interact with them. After awhile they moved on to playing basketball. Same kind of game. They all did it so well. They played hard, got along well, and worked out the kinks when they didn’t. And I couldn’t help but have my mind jump ten years ahead and picture them doing this as teenagers and even young adults.

They seemed so grown up! Starting organized pick up games?? When did this maturity happen? Wasn’t I just changing diapers, putting shoes on for them, potty training?  Now we are past learning how to ride a bike. They take showers and brush their teeth by themselves (which I love by the way) ,  and baby teeth are falling out left and right.
And now they read, practically run faster then I can (although it is still debatable), do chores, and no apparently play pick up games at the Y!

Going back to the moment, I sat there just being SO thankful for my boys. The Lord has blessed me so much by allowing me to be their mother. I am amazed that He has been so gracious. I pray I am mothering them well. I am thankful that I have the Lord to guide me as I try and that He is bigger then the mistakes I make as I try to rear them into adulthood.